2.1.5_montag systems



Driven by cost control, the construction industry often opts for more readily available and affordable materials. Unconsciously, economic considerations have formed the idea of "sustainability".
The Montag system utilizes camphor pine as the primary structure, and all subsequent actions revolve around the grooves on both sides of the main structure. The support and tension fixtures can be directly installed along the grooves, while the grooves also conceal nail marks during installation and use (camphor pine exhibits excellent nail grip). Due to the favorable mechanical properties of corrugated structures, the flat panels adopt the commonly used threelayer corrugated boards found in external building walls. This ensures both visual aesthetics and considerations for compression strength, breakage. resistance, and puncture strength. The stable manner of tensioning is achieved by drawing inspiration from
the mechanical construction methods of modern timber architecture.
The Montag system can adapt to various settings and styles from public spaces to private homes, from traditional to modern, from simplicity to elegance.
Camphor pine, as a commonly used wood in construction, expresses the contemplation of material sustainability. Its ease of accessibility.